This Poor Kitten Was Shot, Hit by a Car, and Left to Die – Until a Kind Stranger …

A cat managed to survive absolute hell in Lebanon after being shot, hit by a car, and stranded on the highway. It’s nothing short of a true miracle that any animal so small could possibly survive so much. However, this cat would not have had any chance at all without Animals Lebanon.

Thanks to the kindness of one stranger, a man, who desperately wanted to save the cat, Animals Lebanon was called in to assist in this important rescue — as the man wouldn’t have been able to rescue the cat on his own.

Once the cat was safe and was taken to see a vet, they found that he had a bullet in his leg and a fracture.

The Animals Lebanon team highly suspects that a cruel, disgusting person shot the cat and, due to the shock and pain of being shot, the cat fled to the highway where it was hit by a car.

It’s a truly heartbreaking story that reminds us how cruel people can be. Thankfully, however, this story had a happy ending.

Without the Animals Lebanon team, it’s more than likely that this poor cat would have died, stranded on the highway.

The cat is now safe and loved and recovering from all the extreme pain and horrific trauma.

However, they’re quite not out of the woods yet. There is still a lot more work to be done. The poor fur-baby is currently looking for a foster, as of this post’s publication.

If you wish to support Animals Lebanon check out their website, here.

Watch the inspiring video here:

Photo credits: The Animals