This Stray Cat Accidentally Turned Itself Green

The pictures you can see below are not photoshopped, even if you don’t believe your eyes. What you’re seeing is a green cat on the streets of Varna, Bulgaria, which has been baffling everyone who has ever laid their eyes on her.

When the cat showed up on the internet first, people though that it has been sprayed with green color by a prankster. Soon after that, they’ve organized a group searching for the culprit, only to end their search emptyhanded. As it turns out, the cat turned green by sleeping in a pile of powdered green pain! How silly!

No matter the reason for the incredible color, the cat is sure pretty to look at. People haven’t been able to capture the stray and help it, but it doesn’t seem to mind. Enjoy the pictures below!

There’s a mysterious green cat roaming the streets of Varna, Bulgaria.

At first, concerned residents thought the stray had been the target of a malicious prank.

A Facebook group was formed to search for the culprit.

The truth turned out to be a bit less sinister, however…

The cat had been sleeping on a bag of powdered green paint at a local garage!

The cat seems not to mind the color, and neither does her friend.

The paint may have left negative side-effects, but no one’s been able to catch the cat to check.

Watch the video here: