Tiny Kitten Loves Climbing on Shoulders After Being Rescued

All small kittens deserve a lot of love and affection. However, some need more of it and a lot of care than others. Recently, a good Samaritan found a litter of kittens abandoned outside and brought them to a Montreal shelter. One of them was the runt of the litter, fitting just inside a person’s palm.

While the other kittens progressed quickly, Bambie was obviously lagging. Bambie is a fighter, though – one that never gives up. Her delayed development required the professional help of the Chatons Orphelins vet center from Montreal. When the vets inspected Bambie, they found several problems and immediately started with treatment.

After a short time, Bambie started showing positive signs. While she is tiny in stature, Bambie is a fighter that doesn’t back down. Her favorite activities including purring in someone’s lap and being a shoulder kitten. Whenever a human comes to see her, Bambie loves climbing to their shoulders and sitting all snug and comfy there.

Bambie’s size didn’t stop her to do everything her siblings did. Week after week, the tiny kitten saw a lot of progress. At the same time, she continues her climbing career, achieving new peaks by the minute. Riding on shoulders is her favorite activity and she also loves sleeping and purring under a blanket when close to a human.

Two months later, the kitten grew into a beautiful cat ready for adoption. She was taken by a lovely family and now enjoys riding shoulders in her new home. We couldn’t be happier about Bambi’s story with a happy ending.