Cats and Their Human Doubles

Have you noticed how some cats look pretty much like their owners? Or Hollywood stars? We can’t erase the image of the cat who looks exactly like Friends star David Schwimmer. Cats rule the Internet and many of them look just like us.

It’s a phenomenon many people have been fascinated by. In 2018, Gerrard Gethings, a photographer, made a series of pictures of cats that resemble people. Be it by looks or attitude, these cats truly look like people.

Keep in mind that the people in the pics don’t own the cats – they are models. After taking a series of cat pics, Gerrard searched for their lookalikes until he was satisfied. The wonderful pictures have once again shown what we have suspected for a long time – that cats have their human doppelganger.

Take a look at the pics and then take a look at your cat. Do they remind you of someone? Tell us in the comments below.