Tony the Hero Fire Cat – A Living Legend! – 2 VIDEOS!

Tony the cat is both a survivor and a hero!


Tony, named after St. Anthony, saved his human mom, Robin Lawsons, by getting her attention when a fire broke out at their Fairborn, Ohio home.

Robin felt terrible that while Tony was saving her from the fire with his meows, she was not able to save him from getting severely burned.

She heard his yowls but was unable to find him amid the smoke and flames.

Fortunately, firefighters located Tony and were thankfully able to bring him out of the home. His stomach and paws were literally on fire when he was found and he suffered third degree burns. He was immediately taken to Towne and Country Animal Clinic to be treated for his burn injuries.

“This is the worst one that I’ve had that survived,” said Dr. David Kocher, Owner, Towne and Country Animal Clinic, when he spoke to WRGT-TV for a story toward the end of March. “He was huffing and puffing. It was, it was very close for a while.”

“It’s like a bad dream,” Robin told WRGT.

She credits Tony completely with saving her life and feels a special bond with her hero cat.

“Cats pick you out, you always know, you always know,” she said.

Robin was fast asleep in bed with her dog by her side as the apartment became engulfed in flames. She woke when she heard Tony meowing very strangely. She just knew that something was wrong.

“It wasn’t a meow meow, or an attitude yowl,” she said, “It was just a consistent meow.”

“I saw fire one to my left, one around the room, thick smoke, and I heard him, and I couldn’t, I couldn’t figure out where he was,” she said.

“Watching your apartment burn, and you know that you got a beloved animal you can’t get to,” Robin said, trailing off.

Then there was a ray of hope – the moment when she knew Tony had been found, Robin said: “Man I heard that door go down and I heard someone yelling they got the cat! They got the cat!”

Not only was Tony on fire when he was found, he wasn’t breathing.

Tony was revived by the story’s other heroes – the firefighters who rescued him and saved the orange hero’s life.

“What [the firefighters] did means more to me, you can lose everything, you can lose everything and as long as you can walk away with the creatures that you love, then it’s a success,” Robin said.

The clinic collected donations from the public to help pay for all of Tony’s medical care.

Cat’s only care about themselves. This is what morons believe.

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Here is the original newscast about the fire!

And here is a brand new video of Tony the Hero Fire Cat with his friend, an adorable Corgi named, Ripley!

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