Hanover County Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Storm Drain for 3 Days!

MECHANICSVILLE, VIRGINIA – Hanover County firefighters on Wednesday pulled a kitten from out a storm drain after it had been trapped for an entire three days.

Hanover Fire Department and Animal Control worked together for the rescue. Witnesses who saw it say the kitten may not have survived even one more day.

“It could’ve been seriously injured or been left to float away or die,” stated Leigh Bolick, one of the firefighters who responded. It’s always a heroic effort to save even the smallest life on Wednesday in Mechanicsville.

“You could hear the cat crying in the sewer system,” stated neighbor Trey Boze. He and others tried rescuing the kitten by themselves, but they could not successfully catch it. “You just feel bad for the animal.”

Desperate to rescue it, residents called Hanover County Animal Control, bringing in fire crews for assistance.

“You could hear the cat when we got there,” explained firefighter Ryan Jordan.

Fire crews told 8News that it then took approximately 20 minutes to rescue the cat, with piping at the bottom of the drain creating an obstacle in the rescue.

“That’s what made it difficult to pinpoint where the cat actually was,” Jordan stated. “It’s all concrete so the sound echoes.”

When Jordan spotted the kitten at the bottom of the drain, he was ;luckily able to chase it down to partner Bolick at the opposite end of the pipe. Just a few moments later, Bolick brought the cat to safety.

The firefighters are calling the rescue a small victory for the department.

“Whether it’s a person or an animal, it’s always nice to have a positive impact,” Jordan stated.

Neighbors said to 8News they were relieved to know the kitten is safe.

“As long as the cat’s healthy, you’re good to go,” Boze stated.

The kitten is now being nursed back to health at Hanover County Animal Control.