Then vs Meow: How Technology Has Truly Changed Cats’ Lives

Smart phones and computers and flat screen TV’s and, of course, the trusty internet. Only very few people can actually live without them these days, and those that can are generally branded weird, anti-social, or subversive.

“But how has the feline world responded to the emergence of the modern technological revolution?”

The proof can actually be found in this revealing before and after illustrations compiled by Bored Panda.

As you will clearly and plainly see from these pictures, cats have no idea what to believe anymore.

Just take a glance below at these ingenious illustrations! They are sure to make you smile today!

#1 Sitting On Tv

Sitting On Tv

#2 Intruding Human Personal Space

Intruding Human Personal Space

#3 Getting Warm

Getting Warm

#4 Hunting


#5 Bird Watching

Bird Watching

#6 Getting Tangled

Getting Tangled

#7 Catception


#8 Fishing


#9 Dating


#10 Playing


#11 Running


#12 Housing


#13 Taking Photos With My Hooman

Taking Photos With My Hooman

#14 Bird Watching

Bird Watching

#15 Playing


via: BoredPanda