They Went And Adopted The Ugliest Cat At A Shelter And They Couldn’t Be …

They went ahead and adopted the ugliest cat at the shelter and they couldn’t be happier

A family adopted “the ugliest cat” at the shelter, but he’s one of the sweetest and happiest cats they’ve ever owned.

It goes to show, one should never judge a book by its cover!

This is Banjo the cat!


Just about a year ago, Banjo was sitting in a shelter just waiting for a forever home. An older and a “unique” looking kitty, he was persistently passed over thanks to cute kittens and younger “cuter” peers.

However, then one particular family saw him and fell in love – and he’s been living happily ever after ever since.


Believed to be a Devon Rex mix, this cat’s grumpy face has garnished plenty of love and support on the internet.

“That cat has been working at the DMV for twenty-three years,” one Reddit user commented.


However, despite his grumpy face, Banjo is actually quite sweet.


Even if he does indeed look a bit like Gollum.


In the end, if this family never adopted him, he more than likely would have been put down.

Thankfully, though, it never came to that, and Banjo gets to live the rest of his life in a happy and loving forever home.