What do Slow Cat Blinks Mean?

Ever noticed how your cat slowly blinks at you sometimes? Wondering what goes through its head? According to experts, this isn’t just a random behavior. As a matter of fact, slow blinks may be helping cats communicate with their humans in a way.

Studies have shown that this peculiar behavior is a form of positive emotional communication between felines and humans. A research team from the universities of Sussex and Portsmouth recently published the results from the studies, confirming that slow blinking actually occurs for a reason.

What do Slow Cat Blinks Mean?

When your cat makes eye contact with you and does this, it’s a sign of comfort and trust. It’s not an “I love you”, though – it’s more like “I trust you”. Many cat owners have suspected the same for a long time, and now there’s scientific evidence behind it.

Cats use the slow blink phenomenon only with people they can trust – usually their owners. Similarly, they will close the eyes in the presence of someone they can trust. Learning how cats communicate with humans tells us new things about their socio-cognitive abilities, which are obviously on a higher level than initially thought.

So, the next time your cat does this, don’t be afraid or confused – it means she trust you 100%.