Blind Raccoon Visited This Yard Every Day For Years. One Day, He Brought Some Friends Along

A blind raccoon began visiting this family’s backyard for food for a period of five years prior, when one day the raccoon decided to bring some friends, two adorable black kittens!

The two tiny kittens became the raccoon’s little guides and showed up every day for some free food and to play!

Watch the adorable video just below!

Sadly, Mr. Raconteur actually passed away about two years ago. He lived a good long life. As for the two feral kittens, they got their happy ending.

“I tamed the wild kittens (that was painful) and WAS going to send them to PAWS Chicago but after putting in all of that effort, loss of flesh and blood we kept them! and they now live inside with our HUGE other cat Squirt.”

“Turned out that I needed the black kittens as much as they needed me. Taming them helped me slightly cope with the loss of my mom and my 15 year old cat within 9 days of each other.”

Aren’t kitten just the best therapy for difficult times?

The kittens are now happily living in a loving forever home.

What a sweet story!

Photo/video credits: @Eryn09