Woman Hears Kitten Crying In Dumpster, Then Vet Reveals ‘He’ Is Extremely Rare!

Way too often, we hear stories about animals being found abandoned in back alleyways and even in dumpsters.

No animal in this world deserves to be placed with the trash, though in some cases, they are born there because their mother had nowhere else to go.

One little kitten, who’s name is Martyr, was found all by ‘himself’ in a dumpster.

A woman heard him crying from inside the dumpster, and when she investigated, she discovered the little guy.

He was completely alone, his mama was nowhere in sight and there were no other kittens in the dumpster. The tiny kitten’s eyes weren’t even open yet!

She later learned that Martyr was only 1-week old.

When she took to be seen by a vet, she learned he had a few health issues they’d need to address, but what was more surprising was how rare he is!

Only 1 out of every 3,000 calico cats is male — and the woman who found Martyr decided to adopt him!

Photos: by Vodkaholy │ Via: www.littlethings.com

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