Apparently, Cat Water Cakes Are a Thing Now!

Japanese water cakes are a clear and as jiggly as Jell-o. They are Japanese dessert that looks exactly like a huge drop of water.


This water mochi was created and made popular by a confectionery in Yamanashi.


All that is needed to make this dish is water, sugar, and Japanese agar.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Twitter user mithiruka shared a pic of a clear water cake that is shaped like a sleeping cat.


Naturally, the internet is buzzing over them. Photographs of them have gone viral in Japan and literally tens of thousands have shared and retweed the images.


These cute cats have quickly become a new craze. You can create these cakes in a wide range of shapes, however, we think the cat-shaped ones are the way to go!

One great recipe can be found right here!