Cat Dies After Being Shot By Pellet Gun in Spokane!

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – A Spokane family is currently trying to figure out who would ever shoot their beloved family cat, Peanut, with a pellet gun, causing her untimely death.

Carrie Day and her family rescued Peanut a few years back and says they tried keeping her indoors, but Peanut was an outdoor cat.

“She loved to chase bugs and bring me grasshoppers in bed. Little sticks. She was a really good cat,” Day states.

She says her cat was just the sweetest thing, cuddling and consoling others, but also spending time lounging around outside. Day had very a unique way to call her home each and every night, though – by clanging two cans of Fancy Feast and calling her name.

But one day, Day noticed Peanut was acting lethargic, and it was crystal clear something was wrong with her, so she took Peanut to the vet. That’s when they got the x-rays and found BBs lodged in Peanut’s abdomen and leg.

“That caused an infection and so much muscle damage that we couldn’t save her,” Day states.

Day is still trying to figure out justwhat happened.

“We’re just all terribly upset that she could’ve been harmed like this. She didn’t deserve it,” she adds.

She now only hopes this doesn’t happen to other neighbors’ pets that also play in the same nature park.

“Now I just want to help protect all the other animals out there,” she concludes.