Tear-jerking Moment Two Helpless Kittens, Just Weeks Old, Are Pulled Out of a Dumpster!

CALIFORNIA – A pair of kittens needed to be rescued from a dumpster after they were ditched when they were barely a few weeks old.

Together, Armando Navarrete and Annette Ramirez rescued the tiny kittens from the rubbish in California after their squeals were heard.

In the video clip, the pair from LA Animal Rescue uses micro cameras on long poles to be able to see into the dumpster and find the cats.

The kittens were not even old enough to be weaned away from their mother and were lucky to not have been crushed by the mounds of rubbish on top of them.

After seeing the first tiny black kitten, Annette uses a long pole with a looped rope to hook the animal and pull him out and into the safe hands of Armando.

However, it proves much harder to get the kitten’s sibling out as the poor creature is trapped under more rubbish.

The camera comes into action, with Armando and Annette both using a screen to view where the kitten has got to and work out how best to rescue him.

The tiny black and white cat then pokes his head out from between some boxes and tries to meow out for help.

It is very clear to the animal rescuers that they cannot get him out without opening up the dumpster, so they are forced to break the lock with an electric circular saw.

The kitten is thankfully pulled out carefully and popped into a bag to be taken to the centre and looked after before hopefully put up for adoption.

On YouTube, the Animal Rescue charity made this post: ‘Two kittens were rescued from of all places, the bottom of a full dumpster. Nav and Nett headed out to the Valley and discovered a fully loaded trash dumpster at an apartment complex.

‘The complex was remodeling a unit and left behind a locked stacked to the top with debris dumpster.

‘Two kittens could be heard from inside/bottom of the dumpster but only one could be seen from topside. The concern was if the dumpster was to be opened, would the debris come crashing down and crush the kittens, so SMARTs specialised equipment and power tools were utilised to safely and successfully rescue the two kittens.
‘They are now in foster care awaiting adoption.’

This was not the first time the team has come to the rescue of animals in distress, having saved numerous other kittens from tight spots and birds too.

LA Animal Rescue is a small not-for-profit animal centre which offers free spaying and neutering and encourages people to adopt. They currently have cats, dogs and even a pig all up for adoption.