“Cat Town” in Samsun Turkey, Brand New Photo Gallery – 13 PHOTOS

Just yesterday, we here at The Best Cat Page presented all of you with a remarkable article about a “Cat Town” located in Samsun, Turkey.

Well, we have since found a flood of photographs of this wonderful place which we did not have when we first posted the article.

We know many of you wanted to see more of this place, well, we’ve now got even more photos!

Just to give you the highlights from the original article …

“The animal shelter rescues cats from the street and then spays and neuters them. The cats are then brought to live inside of the cat town. The town doesn’t discriminate on age or on the health status of any cat and even takes in cats with special needs.

‘Hüseyin Aydin is the resident vet and manager of this animal shelter and aids the sick cats which are living within the facility. Aydin ensures the cats are treated before they are released to live with the others.

‘The town also has a series of bridges, walking tracks and bungalows for cats to live in either alone or if they so choose, with a group of other cats. The key objective of the team at this terrific facility is that the cats can live out the rest of their lives happy and healthy.

‘Aydin suggests that the facility is much like a five-star hotel for felines. Anything that the cats could possibly need for their life or their health is provided by the facility. Although they are currently housing only 50 cats, Aydin says that they can definitely expand the area to house more in the future.”

Without any further ado, the photos speak for themselves.

This place truly is a Kitty Paradise!