‘Swamp Man’ to the Rescue! Man Saves Family Cat in Tree for 11 Days! – VIDEO!

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VIRGINIA — A Chesterfield woman contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers after her cat Sammie had been stuck high up in a tree for 11 days.

“My children especially are very upset. My daughter texts me from school to ask me if Sammie is still up there,” Keowna Monger stated.

Monger was simply out of ideas to get Sammie down, so she contacted CBS 6.

Once again, Brian Carr, who is also known as Swamp Man, was more than happy to help.

Swamp Man drove from his home all the way in Waverly to help the Monger family in north Chesterfield County. Carr lives in a log cabin where the Black Water and Warwick swamps merge into Sussex County. That happens to be why he’s called Swamp Man.

Carr said he’s been climbing trees practically since he could even walk as a child, and making a living at it since he was 19.

As Swamp Man got closer and closer Sammie became a little anxious and actually fell from the tree. Luckily Sammie wasn’t hurt at all and scurried to its favorite spot under the house.

Swamp Man said climbing three stories for this rescue was absolutely no problem at all. He said he rescues cats because of his love for the felines.

“For the love of the animals, I hate to see them stranded like that,” Carr stated. “Obviously he wasn’t coming down without a little coaching. Yeah, they won’t last forever up that tree; sooner or later, it’ll get the best of them.”

As always, Swamp Man refused to accept any payment for his services. He says all needs is smiles and a safe cat.