Woman Rescues Freezing Kitten and Then the Family Dog …

There is nothing quite like a mother’s love!

The best moms aren’t always biological moms. Giving birth to a child isn’t the only way you can be a mom and the same rings true in the animal kingdom!

Mittens is an extremely friendly dog who is owned by a woman named Patrica Weber. Mittens didn’t have to think twice about pitching in to help save the poor wee kitty!

This little gray kitten had almost frozen to death and the truth is – no one really expected the kitten to make it at all, but when Patricia put the kitten down, Mittens immediately began to lick her.

Sure enough, the kitten was revived and started meowing!

Here is the miraculous part: Mittens didn’t have any puppies in the home at the time they found the kitten, but just three days later, she actually started producing milk and feeding the kitten.

It was as if Mitten’s body knew what the kitten needed!

What a wonderful pup! And what an extremely lucky little kitty!

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