Meet Loki ,The New Grumpiest Cat In The World!

As you’ve probably seen it yourself, some animals are cute, some are dangerous, while others are just grumpy. Loki is a lovely Sphynx who looks pretty grumpy –if you ask us, he’s just like the old man who’s shouting at you to get off his lawn. Loki lives in NY with his owners Brent and Sara, who say that he’s got more personality than any other pets they’ve met. Loki and his humans are inseparable since he entered their life in 2014.

Just a couple of days before Halloween in 2014, the couple were looking for a pet. However, the search for a cat was challenging, as Brent is allergic to cats. However, he decided that the challenge is worth it and picking Loki was the best choice they made. “He loves napping on us and being cuddled,” Sara says.

Just a short time after adopting Loki, Sara made an Instagram page for the pet. The cute grumpy pics made thousands of people follow the profile. As Brent says, Loki has helped him get back to his creative ways and helped him heal in a time when he was lacking motivation and was sad. “He’s truly one of a kind,” Brent says of the grumpy cat and we have to agree.

Check out Loki’s gallery: