After 3 Years of Investigation, The Police Says The Croydon Cat Killer Doesn’t Exist!

After 3 years of looking into the death of hundreds of cats across the UK, the police now say that the so-called Croydon Cat Killer simply doesn’t exist. People have been enraged that the killer wasn’t caught for a few years, but now police say that the supposed killer (M25 cat killer) simply doesn’t exist. The police believe the mutilations are not done by a human – instead, they were most likely a result of wildlife predation or scavenging.

(Image: SWNS)

At one point during the investigation, there were 15 policemen involved in the hunt for the cat serial killer, with some animal organizations offering up to ten thousand pounds for information or the culprit. Everything started in 2015, when police found dozens of mutilated cats around Croydon. There was a lack of witnesses during the investigation and no real clues or CCTV videos. The only thing cameras caught were foxes scavenging body parts from the cats.

Image: SWNS-Birmingham

A vet investigated 6 cases and deemed them suspicious – he eventually concluded that some have been a result of scavenging. When pathologists investigated several carcasses, however, they found the reason for death to be blunt force trauma to the head. The mutilations were found to be performed with a sharp instrument, fueling rumors about a supposed serial cat killer.

Scotland Yard says the cats were probably scavenged by foxes

After further investigation, other pathologists concluded that the mutilations were caused by predation and scavenging, and the foxes caught on several CCTV cameras certainly fit the profile.

(Image: Getty Images Europe)

(Image: Getty Images Europe)

The cost of the investigation hasn’t been revealed yet, although rumors say that the post-mortems cost just under £10,000. Now, the police are saying they’re closing the investigation because there’s no cat killer at all, although the public remains unconvinced. The mutilations may have been a result of scavenging, but what about the deaths in the first place?