There is No Such Thing as “Unadoptable” … All it Takes is a Little Love and Patience!

This is a heartwarming story of Mark and his “queen” Tawny!


This story is also a prime example of what just a little bit of kindness and love can do.

Mark writes: “Years ago I had an outdoor colony of 22 cats; it began when a feral female cat walked into my backyard and instantly adopted me.”


Of course, no one is anyone until he or she has been ignored by or chosen by a cat!

“I didn’t know that she was pregnant and after she had a litter those kittens later had litters. When my colony had grown o 22 a local rescue group loaned me several metal traps so that I could take all of my outdoor cats for spay/neuter.”

3-min“I gave the 6 or so kittens to this rescue group for adoption. A few days later they returned one of these kittens to me calling her “unadoptable.”

At the time I didn’t ask why she was unadoptable but simply took her back. This cat is still with me and has blossomed into a major cat diva and is one of my favorite friends.”

A little time and patience make all the difference!

“I named her Tawny due to her beautiful coloration; she likely had either a scary experience during the first few weeks of her life or else she was born with a natural skittish personality. She still meows like a little kitten and has some fear of me even though she’s been with me at least 5 years.”

No one can tell just why a feral cat holds onto so much fear. We can only imagine the type of trials and tribulations Tawny went through before she met her forever human. Having fears of what may or may not happen but at the same time, knowing you’re in the best possible hands! Sounds a lot like what we humans go through each and every day of our lives, doesn’t it?

“Tawny doesn’t understand that she’s one strong, muscular impressive feline A few years ago she went missing for over a month and I’d given up all hope of finding her but miraculously I discovered her locked in the next door foreclosed house.”

“The universe saved both her and me.”

“Since I rescued Tawny she now spends about 85% of the time inside my house; I trust her to go outside and she always returns and waits outside my front door when she wants to come in.”

Mark's feral family cerca 2011

Mark’s feral family cerca 2011

One of Mark's cats nursing kittens and you can see Tawny looking up.

One of Mark’s cats nursing kittens and you can see Tawny looking up.

Sleepy cats on Mark's sidewalk cerca 2014!

Sleepy cats on Mark’s sidewalk cerca 2014!

“She spends most of her time indoors resting in a cat bed and has become best friends with my other indoor cat named “Feral.” There are 2 cat beds on my sofa and I often find these two lying in the one bed.

There is no such thing an unadoptable. And there is also no such thing as impossible when love is leading the way!

Written by Daniel Torres, The Best Cat Page