Poor Kitten With a Broken Pelvis Was Thrown Out By Heartless People, But Today, She Is …

This poor, little kitten has already had a such a rough start to life. She was discovered in a library dumpster, inside the plastic drawer that goes to a refrigerator. This poor furry has a broken pelvis with no mobility in her back legs. How cruel someone be to abandon a kitten that is unable to even move?! We are indeed happy that someone found this sweet girl and called Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) to help. Besides the kitten’s broken pelvis, she was also extremely frightened, weak, and completely covered in ants. The kind folks at SCAR are currently assessing her nerve damage and are hopeful that it’s not permanent, of course, only time will tell. The sweet baby is also currently in foster care where she can regain her strength and be monitored.

SCAR is a no-kill rescue which is on a mission to address the pet overpopulation crisis in the south. By rescuing and sterilizing strays, community outreach, educational programs, and also foster networks, they are indeed able to make a huge impact in the lives of animals. They usually focus on the neediest, including starving street dogs, wounded, sick, and dogs facing death in kill shelters.There are approximately 70 million stray animals living in the United States with only about six to eight million cats and dogs entering the nation’s 3,500 shelters every year. This means millions of abandoned animals dying on the streets day after day. Remember that owning a pet is a serious commitment.

Pets should certainly be treated with the same love, respect, and care as any other member of the family without fear of being discarded or cast aside when times get tough.

If you would like to learn more about the Southern Cross Animal Rescue click here.

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