Staff members At Small Animal Shelter Completely Blown Away After Stranger Donates A Whopping $275000

The New Westminster Animal Shelter which is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, recently received a very generous donation from a man that had never even visited the establishment.

Vancouverite Daryl Mutz, who is a former teacher, passed away just over three years ago. In his will, the 83-year-old explained that he wanted $275,000 of his estate donated to the New Westminster Animal Shelter.

Mutz, who never had any kids of his own, decided the shelter to be a more than worthy cause.

According to CTV Vancouver, Mutz requested that the shelter utilize $115,000 for animal enrichment, such as toys, treats and special training sessions. He then asked that $55,000 go toward animals needing “excessive” veterinary care and the remaining $55,000 be used to help low-income dog and cat owners with vet bills and a program to neuter feral cats.

“We are totally blown away. A thousand dollars is a big donation for us, so to hear that amount was unbelievable,” animal control officer Margie Fox told CTV Vancouver. “We would love to keep a legacy for this gentleman. I think he must have been an amazing man.”

What a terrific guy!