Kitten Seen Thrown from Moving Car for Second Time in Weeks in Tennessee!

CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE – A kitten is now recovering after someone witnessed it being thrown out of a car window Thursday morning.

This is officially the second time in just weeks someone has witnessed something similar in Clarksville.

The kitten is currently at an animal clinic being treated after a Good Samaritan spotted him before it was too late.

“It looks like he landed on his face when he was thrown from the car,” stated Julie Morris, who works at Tiny Town Animal Clinic.

“We just saw this little black and white fuzzy body just rolling,” stated Kelsi Moore, who found the kitten.

Moore was driving out of town so she took the kitten to her own veterinarian where he is now receiving medical attention.


The kitten is now recovering in an animal hospital. (WSMV)

“It just makes us all so furious that things like this happen because it’s just so unnecessary that people do this to these little animals,” Morris stated.

Less than just three weeks ago, a kitten was brought to another animal clinic in Clarksville with similar injuries and an almost identical story.

“As she drove on there were two more gray kittens that had been tossed in the road and obviously didn’t make it,” stated Marilynn Averitt, whose sister found the kittens.

Averitt’s sister was able to save one who is now a very healthy and happy kitten.

Those at the animal clinic are hoping the same will be true for this latest kitten found Thursday.

“He is definitely suffering from road rash. His little nose and mouth were scratched terribly,” Morris stated.

As of Thursday night there was already a long line of people waiting to adopt the kitten.

“It’s a sad thing in rescue. We see a lot of animals that are on the news or what we call famous. It seems like everyone wants that cat,” Morris stated.

However, Morris wants this to be a good reminder he is not the only kitten needing to be saved.

“So if you have a place in your heart and home to bring in this baby, then please go to animal control and get one that is there,” Morris stated.

Morris told Channel 4 that she does not think the kitten found Thursday was from the same littler found a couple of weeks ago.

Moore stated she called animal control to alert them, but never got a call back. She said she was so focused on the kitten that she was not able to get a good description of the car it came from.