This Heterochromatic Kitty Has More Followers On Instagram Than You!

Take a look at Pam Pam, the incredible kitty with different-colored eyes that can be a model! The intense eyes are brought out even more by the fluffy white fur which makes Pam Pam quite unique.

The kitty was born with heterochromia, a genetic mutation that makes the irises different.

It’s not dangerous in any way – in fact, if you ask us, it suits Pam Pam nicely. Additionally, heterochromia requires no medical care whatsoever.

Cats are always born with blue eyes which is a sign of lack of melatonin. Their eye colors develop at 7-12 weeks of age, and once they’re mature, their eye color will never change. If the color of your cat’s eyes changes after 12 weeks, you need to take the kitty to a vet as it can be a sign of a bigger health problem.

Pam Pam didn’t have this problem. Her condition developed before she was 12 weeks old and her owners knew she was going to be special.

Pam’s unique look is what drove her owner to set up an Instagram account of her. After taking pictures of Pam Pam and posting them online, her profile grew big quickly and she has nearly 120 000 followers at the moment! The pictures show Pam Pam in a variety of poses and scenarios and there are videos too. Pam Pam’s owner loves dressing her up and taking pictures of the lovely cat and we’d surely love to see more.

The heterochromatic eyes are just mesmerizing and makes Pam Pam one of the most beautiful cats we’ve seen.

Heterochromia can be divided into 2 groups – complete and sectoral. Pam Pam has complete heterochromia meaning her eyes have 2 different colors. Here’s how sectoral heterochromia looks like:

No matter the type, the harmless conditions is certainly stunning to look at.

As it’s a genetic mutation, cats can be bred to inherit the unique condition from their parents.

Pam Pam looks great in pictures, but we’re sure that she looks even better in person.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram for more pictures (@missypampam).