Young Girl and Three-legged Cat Form Special Friendship Because They Have Something in Common!

NEW YORK – Five-year-old Leah Parnitzke walked into Ten Lives Club Saturday morning she was very excited to leave with her new best friend: “Nemo”… or as she calls him, “Goldfish”.

“The best part is – I’m so excite!” Leah declared.

Goldfish and Leah very quickly formed a unique bond and they share a special connection.

“Nemo had his leg amputated, and Leah also was missing an arm, so they were a good match,” stated Stephanie Stamoolis, who works for Ten Lives Club, the non-profit cat adoption site.

Just one month ago, Goldfish was one of two cats who had been run over by separate cars, and brought to Ten Lives Club.

“Nemo had his front leg broken really badly, and needed to be amputated,” Stamoolis stated.

After meeting, Leah just knew that cat was the one she was taking home.

“I’ll play with him and the mousies,” Leah noted.

“Immediately, Nemo and Leah were very attached and it was very apparent that they loved each other,” stated Stamoolis.

Leah and her family drove for over an hour from Randolph, to take the kitten home.

Seems to be a very happy ending for Goldfish, Leah, and Ten Lives Club, who helped over 1,600 cats last year.

“Anytime a cat leaves here and is adopted, we are ecstatic,” stated Stamoolis. “This was obviously a very special case, so we were all super happy that they found each other.”