Top 5 Best Kid Friendly Cat Breed – Best Nonaggressive Cat Breeds 2021

Having a pet at home is a great feeling for the entire family. And in most of the case, the best friend of pets is the kids in the house. But in the case of cats, we cannot trust the cats with kids. 

Often families with kids avoid adopting a cat because of their aggressive behavior. Also, there is the probability that the cat might hurt the kids with their paws. This is the reason why cats are not preferred by families having kids.

Cats fulfill all the parameters of cuteness and childish activity. Adopting them and seeing their activities are great time pass. But because of their aggressive behavior, they can injure their owners also. This makes families with kids avoid adopting a cat. 

But do you know that there are some non aggressive cat breeds also that can easily go with kids as well? You can trust these kid friendly cat breeds listed below and let your kids play with the cats.

Top 5 Best Kid Friendly Cat Breed – Best Nonaggressive Cat Breeds 2021

Here in this guide, we are listing the top 5 best kid friendly cat breeds that you can adopt without any worry even when you are having a toddler or small kids in your house.      

Also, the kid friendly cats listed below are easy to maintain and are great with kids. You can take care of them easily.

Note: In the case when you are kids is very small, allowing playing them with cats under your supervision only.

Top 5 Best Kid Friendly Cat Breeds 2021

Here we are listing your top 5 best non aggressive cat breeds 2021 that are having low aggression levels, easy to maintain, can be cared for easily, and are great with kids as well. 


This is the number one kid friendly cat on our list having high energy, charming, and entertaining behavior. The Abyssinian cat breed is known to have a high level of curiosity and after having this breed, you are not going to bore anymore. These busy buddies used to prowl all the time and you can enjoy their activity. They only settle down in the condition when they are sleeping or eating. 

Because of their loyal, affectionate, and people-oriented behavior, they are considered as one of the best cat breeds for families with kids.


Those who love colors should go for Birman breeds. Since kids love colors, this breed is one of the best cat breeds for families with kids. Also, they are having playful and not so aggressive,

making them a great cat breed for kids. Also, these busy buddies use to play quietly with their toys in the case when their human buddies are busy with their own work.

They are a very social breed who are having great affection for other pets as well. Like dogs, this kid friendly cat breed is also known to stay loyal and devotee to their family and human companion.

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This is another best kid friendly cat breed known to be very sweet natured and people oriented. They never hurt anybody and are the perfect cat pick for families with kids. 

This breed is popular among families for so long and used to be a lap warmer type toy cat breed that craves strong affection from their human companion. They are a very small, cute, innocent type cat breed having an almost nil level of aggression which makes them perfect for families with kids. 

This breed is often compared with dog breeds because of their loyalty, easy going nature, and playful behavior. The families with kids should adopt this breed gifting their kids with a cat that can be their perfect playmate for several years to come.     

Maine coon

When we talk about non aggressive kid friendly cat breed, how can one forget about the Maine coon cat breed? This is a cat breed known to have the heart of gold. They have a low level of aggression and love playing with their human companion friend. Also, they do not have a habit to rely completely on humans and play quietly in case when humans are busy.  


Ragdoll is might be listed in the last of the list of kid friendly cat breeds but is not less than any other cat breed. They are a great match for kids as well as an adult member of the families.  

Because of their easy going and gentle behavior, these puppies like cats are popular among families with kids. Also, like a dog, this breed can be trained for fetching balls, sitting down, and many more.

The bottom line

So these are the top 5 best kid friendly cat breeds having a low level of aggression and thus can go well with kids. But still, we recommend supervising the cat and your kids while they are playing together. Also, you should research well before deciding on any of the above listed kid friendly cat breeds for your kids.