Magical Bubble Bowl Chairs For Cats May Soon Be a Thing!

The people who went ahead and create this are geniuses and deserve the utmost praise and respect.

Yan Law is just one of these people.

Yan Law is the creator of a wonderful new item called Dim Dim, or a transparent bubble chair for your pet cat.

It’s basically an acrylic bowl that has three sturdy wires attached, designed to serve as a bed, chair, swing, or perching spot for your cat.

All cats deserve their very own bowl to curl up in, don’t they? Especially one that gently swings back and forth in the breeze and rocks them to sleep like the fur babies they are.

However, what makes this invention extra brilliant is the fact that it’s see-through, so while your cat’s curled up inside you can see the cuteness of their little, folded paws and cozy bellies.

The metal wires may be adjusted to three settings. In one the bowl hangs from the ceiling as a slanted chair, in the second it hangs as just a swing, and the third – with the wires removed – it’s just an easily scoopable bowl which you can place on your lap or bed.

Basically. it’s one of the most amazing creations for cats we have ever seen!

This item is currently in the Kickstarter stages, so if you are interested in making bubble bowls for cats a reality, you’ll need to back it.