Man Arrested for Beating and Drowning Roommate’s Cat!

ARIZONA – Chandler police have arrested a man who has allegedly beat and drowned his roommate’s cat.

Court records show that on back September 17, officers were summoned to a complex near Arizona Avenue and Elliot Road. They observed blood on a living room wall, in the hallway, and in bathroom. Police say the cat was found, already dead, on the victim’s bed and a bent broomstick in the room.


Another roommate explained to police that she was awakened by the cat crying about 3 a.m. She and her boyfriend went to investigate and discovered 25-year-old Jordan Philip Ledroit holding the cat underwater in the bathroom sink.

The pair took the cat from Ledroit and demanded that he stop, according to court documents. They reported to police that there was blood all over the entire bathroom.

The cat’s owner arrived home that afternoon and phoned police after seeing the cat deceased on her bed.

Police are saying that Ledroit used the broomstick to beat the cat. Police say it appears the cat put up a huge fight, scratching Ledroit on his arms, hands and on his legs.

Ledroit reportedly explained to police, in his own defense, that he remembers being in the bathroom with the cat but was intoxicated and doesn’t remember doing anything to the cat.

Ledroit has been charged with animal cruelty.