Orphaned, Newborn Kittens Arrive At Shelter and One Mama Cat Loses Her Mind to Locate Them

WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA – A litter newborn kittens who were just ten days old were found “disposed” in the East Bay have found a surrogate mother, thanks to the efforts of Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation and a particularly nurturing mama cat in Walnut Creek.

“The kittens were found by a good Samaritan in a dumpster,” Ashley Thiry, a spokesperson for ARF, told SFGATE. “[The person] had heard them crying loudly — they were hungry.”

Though the organization’s mission and policy is generally to only rescue animals who have simply run out of time at public shelters, the kittens eventually found their way to the East Bay facility.

These kittens did not come quietly. Tiny and starving, the babies were quite vocal when they first reached the Walnut Creek ARF.

A mother cat at the shelter, who was still recovering after weaning her own babies just a couple days before, immediately took notice when the mewing litter arrived.

“She heard them crying,” Thiry says. “She was chirping and looking for them really desperately.”

“She still had milk, even though she had been spayed,” she added. “She took right to them.”

The kittens are now almost two weeks old and they are feeding, but they still have quite a battle ahead of them. To keep up with their progress, follow the ARF Animal Rescue Foundation on Facebook.