Shocking Moment Masked Teenage Girl Tosses Neighbor’s Black Cat off Balcony! – VIDEO

ARGENTINA – A shocking video has emeraged online showing a teenage girl throwing a black cat off a fourth floor balcony to see if it’s true that felines always land on their feet.

Bizarrely the woman is wearing a mask as she goes on with her ‘experiment’ with her neighbor’s pet.

The horrifying footage shows her pick up the small animal and toss it off the balcony of an Argentinian apartment block without the slightest bit of hesitation.

There is a loud splat sound that can be heard as the animal hits the cement ground below before the video ends.

The incident occurred in the city of Saenz Pena, which is located in the north-central Argentine province of Chaco.

The video prompted an fury of criticism from furious social media users.

Comments ranged everywhere from people asking her full name so they could find her and give them a piece of their minds to suggesting somebody should throw her off a building.

However, by then the teen, who is identified as Fiorela Alvarez, had already canceled her social media pages under the onslaught.

She did leave a public apology before parting.

She wrote online: ‘What I did was horrible and I am not justifying it. For everybody who is interested in the wellbeing of the animal, I can tell you that it didn’t die. It walked away.

‘I approached its owner to say sorry and I will take care of any veterinary costs.’