Cat Comforts Dying Friend in Her Final Hours!

When Wesley T. Monkey was first born, the cat earned his surname all thanks to his mischievous behavior and penchant for climbing his way into trouble. Now that years have passed, his fearlessness and extroverted behavior have made him much loved among the other animals living at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. It’s a love Wesley returns on a daily basis, as he displayed recently when he comforted one of his friends, Penny the cow, in her dying days.

According to the sanctuary’s founder, whose name is Indra Lahiri, Wesley stayed with Penny for many hours, purring at her side and “massaging” her with his paws. Wesley was there until Penny’s last breath, comforting his friend when she needed it most.

The cat’s behavior may seem a bit odd to some, but to those who know him, it’s all part and parcel of what makes Wesley special. Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is a sort of retirement home for farm animals that have nowhere else to go. Wesley is one of about 100 cats living who are currently living at the sanctuary along with pigs, cows, goats, geese and lots of other animals, but he is by far the one with the biggest personality.

“All the other animals love him,” Lahiri said to The Dodo. “He’s really just very popular.”

When asked what the “T” stand for in Wesley T. Monkey …

The answer was: “The.”

And that makes Wesley’s full name, Wesley The Monkey — a very spunky name for a fun-loving, spunky cat!